Sonata Investment – Trade to Trust.  Sonata Investment Pvt. Ltd. is a multiple Award-Winning CFD Trading Non-Clearing Member/Broker based in Kathmandu. Currently, Sonata Investment offers trading platform of Mercantile Exchange Nepal Ltd ( MEX NEPAL) and Nepal Derivative Exchange Ltd (NDEX) to its customers where the clients can trade from the comfort of their home/couch/bed/office on various Commodity Futures products like Precious Metal, Base metal,  Agro-products and Energy products.

 Since its inception on 2010 Sonata Investment has been successfully managing the portfolio of hundreds of its satisfied clients. Besides providing its clients with a trading platform, Sonata Investment also conducts various training programs for its existing and potential customers pertaining to Commodity Markets along with providing daily trading tips and advices. In line with our slogan “Trade to Trust”, Sonata Investment offers clients a complete trading solution together with all the trading tools and analysis needed to make informed trading decisions. Backed by its state-of-the-art trading platforms, and mobile app enabling clients to trade while on the go, Sonata Investment has secured a strong industry reputation for delivering a trading experience that is second to none. 

Our strong commitment to serve our clients with the best possible services can also be reflected by the list of awards that we have received from sector leading exchanges and other stakeholders.

Membership Code

MEX – 1023    (2010)

NDEX- TM07 (2016)

Our Culture and People

Sonata Investment culture is characterized by five key qualitie: commitment to client, intergrity, excellence, strive for profitabiltiy and innovation. Intergal to our corporate culture is our total dedication to superior client service, reliabiltiy and transparency in all our transaction. At sonata Investment we believe our client success is our success. 

Independence and ownership of work is blended in our culture wihch help in creating p entrepreneurs within the organization and gives you a feeling of ownership to our employees. our people feel a close relationship to Sonata Investment. They associate their success with company growth. 

We believe that our commitment to the interest of our clients proves our value to them. We have a strong corporate culture that is based on firmly held belief. 

We offer eqall opertunity and tremendous growth potential to individuals who have the right talent and a commitment to excellence. Along with our reputation and clients, our people are our most valuable asset.

To maintain our competitive edge and meet the high expectation our clients, our culture continiues to evolve. we aspire to be the best financial service company in Nepal. To achieve this goal, We focus relentlessly on carrying out our business principle , which are fundamental to everything we do. 

Why Sonata

Sonata Investment Pvt. Ltd is one of best commodity broker in Nepal, and at Sonata Investment we work hard to make sure our clients make the best trading and investment decisions. Our broad range of services enable you to get the best guidance, advice and resources to build a richer future. When you choose Sonata Investment, you’re trading with create and sustain a commodity trading environment that helps everyone access the markets – from first-timers to those who’ve turned trading into a career.

Why  Choose Sonata Investment

At Sonata investment we believe that it is not just the product or services that we are offering, it is a relationship is the underpinning from which we will support you in meeting your financial objevtives. 

Your growth is our objectives

We are genuinley interested in your growth. When you work with us, we make sure we give you the right guidance and advice you deserve. From time to time, we offer you advice on how you can get the maximum from your investments. Sometimes our advice or view is contrarian to the markets, but that is waht make us different, because we don’t work on herd mentality. Our clients value us because of our different approach and the right advice they get from us. We work as family – a sonata Investment client is client for the lifetime.We can help you make more informed decision through our in depth, unbiased research. Whether you want to help managing your own portfolio or want us to manage it for you, you will get investment guidance and portfolio planning that’s right for you. Our research team will offer excellent investment oppertunities, will help you identify significant market trend, and will make sure that information reaches you at the earlist. We provide and intergrated approach of fundamental and technical research. Short-term or long-term, whatever is your investment objectives, we will meet your needs. Our solitary objectives is to help you achieve your goals.


Trade from anywhere in Nepal or Overseas Sonata Investment, with its network of Relationship Managers across the length and breadth of the country, is always within your reach, no matter where you are. This gives you the facility to trade from anywhere in Nepal or Overseas.

Personalized Services

Sonata Investment, with its wide array of personalized services from Market Commentary, Hedging, Arbitrage, Market Alerts and Tips via SMS. Currently available on NTC, Ncell and UTL Phone user.

State of Insfratructure 

The strong IT backbone of Sonata Investment Pvt. Ltd help us to provide customized direct services through our back office system, nationwide connectivity and through website.

Round the clock operation in commidities trading

Nepal Commodities market, unlike International market keeps awake 24 hrs a day. It is all poised to offer round the clock services through its dedicated team of professionals.